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Luxury Cottages

Campground Tents

Adventure Sports

Farm Tours

Meeting &Conference Center

Adventure Sports Kodaikanal


Our cottages offer you a unique experience of a genuine stay in the Nature !
You will be on an 80 Acre private Coffee Estate.

The cottages and campgrounds are situated between shade grown Arabica Coffee, Jack fruit trees and Banana trees. These secluded and romantic private cottages have a cozy bedroom, bath room and a deck with a  stunning view of the green valley.  The Tents provide a great experience of living in the Wilderness!

We have 8 cottages starting from Rs 7999 per night and Tents at 

Rs 2500 per night

For group bookings please contact us for a customized package



Half Day Farm Tour


We take you on a farm tour and educate you on the biodiversity of the lower Pulney hills and show you some of the conservation initiatives & Organic Farming practiced on the farm You get an opportunity to touch and feel the natural environment, spend time with the farm birds (chicken) and cattle to understand the animal behavior. This  packages includes Farm cooked lunch.


Priced at Rs 500 per person.

Zipline Kodaikanal
Adventure Sport Only

If you just want to have funs with Adventure sports only, you can just do that only.  You will have access to the following adventure sports activities. Burma bridge, Tyre walk, Zig zag, Rope walk, Hibee jibee, Cargo net, Zip line and Jumaring


Priced at Rs 500 per person for 2 hrs

One day farm tour with adventure sports

Our day tours are more intense and are best suited for children above the age  10 and adults. This standard tour can be customized, in collaboration with the school/college faculty to educate the students on more relevant (to them as per their curriculum) areas of conservation and biodiversity along with having the children conduct experiments on the farm. We offer a sumptuous farm cooked lunch & snack and engage in multiple adventure sports Burma bridge, Tyre walk, Zig zag, Rope walk, Hibee jibee, Cargo net, Zip line and Jumaring followed by planting a sapling on the farm, which will carry the name of the school/college that planted the sapling.

     Priced at Rs 1300 per person.

Two Day Farm tour with camping and adventure sports

The two day tour is  an Environmental, Historical and Geographical educational tours for anyone above 10 years old, you get a complete farm tour where you get to learn organic farming practices, spend time with Farm birds and animals, hike the trails in the farm and experience the adventure sport activities mentioned in the One Day tour.  You will stay on the farm for one night camping in the wilderness. This gives you a complete farm living experience with lots of fun at the same time!  This package includes 2 lunches, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast.

      Priced at Rs 3000 per person

CapingTens Kodaikanal
Customized Tour package

Call us to find out more about these and other packages, or let us know what you want to do and we can create just the right custom package for you!





All meals are vegetarian and prepared from Farm Fresh Organic Vegetables and Fruits.  Meals are simple, family style and served in the dining area.


House Keeping

We take cleanliness very seriously.  We ensure your room is clean and well attended.


You have full access to the 80 acre Estate and we have multiple walking trails and quiet garden areas where you can experience the flora and fauna.

Adventure Sport and Gym

We have various adventure sport activities in the property which you have access to for a fee.  You can use the out door Gym equipment 

Conference / Meeting center​

We have a meeting center that can accommodate a gathering of 250 people and an open air Amphitheater for 150 people



Eco Resort nestled in a Coffee Estate with stunning views at Kamanur, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India
How this whole resort idea was conceived and initiated?
2012 November
I kept walking mesmerised pushing the overgrown coffee bushes and unruly weeds along the way and it was already turning dark. I had walked away from my known tracks and now it was getting a little worrisome.
The estate has a few passageways that are used by Bisons and I could see fresh foot marks going away from where I stood. There could be more Bisons coming from the other side, so I had to keep a safe distance. I tried to stick my neck out of the overgrown flora, brushing off a line of red ants that had found its way into my clothes. There was no signage that I could recognise to go back to my cottage at the base of the coffee estate.
There was no other way that I could find to reach my 100+ year old cute home, the coffee bushes felt as wild as the thorny weed growing all across. Clearly this was a neglected patch of the estate that nobody had come in a long time.
I was LOST !

As I stepped up a few rocks to reach a high ground to get a sense of direction, I entered a grove of Plumerias nestling a small temple that looked ancient and yet strewn with fresh flowers and sandalwood paste, sign of a fresh puja someone had performed. Instinctively I sat down to meditate.
This was a sacred grove with more of untouched nature.
It was darker when I opened my eyes but I was feeling a spring of happiness in my heart. The tall tower rising above the greenery was clearly visible from where I stood and I walked down at a calm pace; I knew my way ahead of the tower. A warm shower back into my cottage made me realise how losing tracks sometimes leads to great discoveries within the realm of our own mind.
I had acquired this sprawling coffee estate recently. Switching my life from a cushy corporate job to a farmer's was not an easy transition logistically, but the calm determination in my mind kept me firmly on my tracks. After a couple of years spent on this coffee estate peppered with a lot more fruits, I realised I needed to share this sacred grove with people so more good souls could get a glimpse of how magically nature heals and calms the mind.
I have experienced how nature-deprived we are, as our generation is lost in meeting deadlines and making more money.
There is so much surreal abundance on this beautiful piece of land that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing its wisdom and generosity. The harmony of nature that we see in this wilderness is evident from the rich flora and fauna, and one can easily forget one's carnal woes, and get lost. Losing touch with the terrestrial for a while sometimes opens windows for another world, a dream world, a feat possible only in a place like this sacred grove.
For instance most of us keep planning to return to a healthy lifestyle but the plan keeps getting postponed till there is an emergency. Here, at The Plumeria Eco Trails, we try to give you a glimpse of the lifestyle close to nature that you have always wished for.
Our goal is to make you experience a naturally healthy lifestyle first-hand and to see that it is not impossible to live a naturally healthy life, and that a sense wellbeing is a state of mind that leads you to the right path. At The Plumeria Eco Trails you get to spend a holiday that transforms your life through a complete package of wellness and fun, rolled into one.
It is our good fortune that we can see the North Star (Polaris) from the piece of heaven that The Plumeria Eco Trails is. This unique positioning helps us see several constellations from several vantage points within the resort. You can enjoy recognising the constellations and even record a star trail here, the clear sky in this unpolluted land helps in such endeavours.
The flora and fauna in this estate is tremendously rich and you can expect a Black Bird singing along your track or a Malabar squirrel jumping from one branch to another teasing you with its tail wavering. We have counted and recorded several bird species within the estate and this is home to the Malabar Parakeet and Vernal Hanging Parrot, both endemic to this region. Several other wild animals like Bisons, wild bore, barking deer, porcupine and Elephants keep appearing as a surprise if you skim the periphery of the estate.
This is the place where nature showers us with its abundance and embraces us with the warmth of a rising sun. Oh yes, there are a few vantage points from where you can watch a mellow sunrise and say goodbye to a setting sun from our sacred grove of mildly fragrant Plumerias.


Recharge, Reinvent, Rejuvenate at The Plumeria Eco Trails ! 

- Priya Vardheesh







You can hike the trails in the area which leads you to Sangu Parai view point, Ponnu-Mapillai Hill, Doll Man’s Cave, Kattel Kasam Water Falls and Echo Rock

Cultural /Historic Sites


Murugan Temple, Kariyamal Temple, Kadavu Malai and Maayandi Temple are some of the historic temples that you can visit.   Pre-Iron Age Burials can also be found in this area

Market Tour 


Thandikudi is famous for Medicinal plants and Pure Organic Honey.  You can visit the local market to shop the local fruits, vegetables and honey

Day Trips


You can plan a day trip to Kodaikanal which is an hour away to visit some of the tourist spots

Bird Watching


You don't have to go far to watch some unique species of birds.  We have spotted over 50 bird species in our estate

Coffee Brewing & Tasting

We can on request arrange a coffee brewing and tasting workshop using brewing equipment from various parts of the world 



We were a group of 12 adults and 11 children. We stayed two days.
It is first time for us to stay in tents. It is a wonderful and memorable experience.

Mrs. Priya is so friendly, she gave motivational speech, spoke about that area, archaeology, natural farming, natural way of living and Many more things. She guided us and spent her valuable time with us

Mohan Subramani 

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